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local tourism- esperienze reali

local tourism

We know and have access to unique local experiences on the Amalfi Coast. With us you will experience the cities of the splendid Costiera as well as a local.

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Experience reali

Our experiences are real and authentic. They mainly involve culinary moments, magnificent landscapes and unexplored experiences on the Amalfi Coast.


amalfi life


Experiencing the true Amalfeeling: a tour that starts with gastronomy and tradition and ends with rarity and of course gastronomy again! There's nothing better than arriving on the Amalfi Coast and getting to know the tranquil, immersive and authentic Amalfi life. Where gastronomy is a landmark that we will experience in places where only the local Italian palate knows how to find it.

We start with the unusual and unique Café Amalfitano at dawn. Afterwards, we will take a walk where we will discover the center of Amalfi and its secret alleys where local life takes place. Amalfi is one of the oldest maritime republics, and a city with spectacular scenery under the cliffs, especially for those arriving on the coast. We will cross from the traditional to the exceptional as we experience the rare confection of the centuries-old Amalfi paper, made from a mixture of handmade linen, cotton and hemp rags. Tradition and experience that can only be found here. Soon, we will discover Atrani, the smallest Italian city and finally, we will stop to experience a typical complete culinary experience. We ended our experience with a delicious meal, emblematic of the region and a typical Limoncello.

Infinite Ravello


The city of Ravello has a magical aura, surrounded by patrician houses, where it inspires those who visit it by the Ravelense spirit. The experience in the city will be given by visiting a valuable shopping center, magnificent architectural works and historic villages that give us the feeling of walking through the past. Ravello is a reference in musicality and an obligatory stop when talking about the Amalfi Coast. In the Infinite Ravello experience, you'll access moments in history not known to most visitors to the city, and you'll be caught up in the splendor of Ravello's spirit.


We start the tour with a visit to the work of a famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer. Then, we will contemplate the medieval style of the city that the towers and houses of the century 12 draw in the environment. Through Ravello, we will discover a typical commercial center and stop to discover a precious historic village of illustrious architectural value. Following the streets that lead to the past, we will discover an ancient monastery where we will relax with a drink. Finally, we end the tour with a flourish: In another precious village, we will access one of the most formidable and rewarding views in all of Italy, no wonder the name of the experience (Infinita Ravello) is inspired by it, because you have a perspective dell'lnfinito when you observe on the horizon the path where sea and sky intersect.

La Dolce Fiordo.jpg

La Dolce Fiordo di furore

walkin' / sea

Fiordo di Furore is the most photogenic beach in the region, located in the heart of The Amalfi Coast. This place is a haven of tranquility and beauty, and we will take you to discover it and understand what does "La dolce vita" mean. With exquisite landscapes and one of the most exuberant views in the region, we will enjoy the classic Amalfi cuisine, with the feeling of going back in time when the Amalfi Coast was a typical fishing village. Still, we'll make a stop before arriving at the main destination where we will discover a very special cave. After this experience, you will understand the real meaning of living Italy like a local.


We will pick you up directly from your accommodation and take a transfer in the comfort of a Mercedez Benz to Fiordo di Furore, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, which hides itself with its unique and cinematographic structure. On the way, we will cross the sea to discover the precious Grotta dello Smeraldo. Arriving in Fiordo di Furore, we'll discover the stories behind this exotic jewel, the archaeological aspects and the secret paths that lead to a small local chapel. Afterwards, it's finally time to jump into the waters of the most pristine beach on The Amalfi Coast. After enjoying the beach, we'll have a typical dish from the local cuisine. We finish the tour enjoying the unique flavor of this cuisine in an exclusive restaurant overlooking the sea. We will take you back to your accommodation in the same comfort as you were on your way.

positano fashion tour

Walkin' (photo session)

A city with many faces, Positano is synonymous with charm and grace. Owner of a beauty that can be appreciated from different perspectives, the city presents itself as a perfect photographic setting. On this photo tour, we will stop for professional photos throughout the tour. In addition, we will get to know the different faces of Positano as we walk through the alleys and unique beaches. We'll take the famous and typical Granita al limone and get to know the exalted Positana fashion. Get ready to capture the most beautiful photos of the unforgettable Amalfi Coast on this graceful tour.

We start in the upper part of the city of Positano, initiating our photo session and understanding how the city of Positano is designed. Afterwards, we will go down to discover the local life of Positano by accessing the alleys of the city. Along the way, we'll find perfect movie scenarios for photographs. Then, we reach the main beach where we can have another perspective of the place, of a vertical city with bright and colorful houses. On the beach, we'll take the iconic photo of Positano and walk along the shore where we'll stop to enjoy the typical Granita al limone. After cooling off, we'll go up and discover another Positano perspective and the other side of The Amalfi Coast. In addition, we finish the tour by discovering the celebrated Positano fashion.

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paestum & mozzarella


The secrets of the countryside towns around the coast are also possible to discover. Paestum presents itself as an ancestral city that tells the story of the Greek Empire in the region with temples built in honor of the sea and wisdom. In addition, before entering the city, we'll discover the authentic mozzarella di bufala, icon of the world-respected Italian cuisine. From start to finish, we will live a tasty culinary experience in this authentic experience.

We will start leaving the coast in the morning and head towards Paestum, where we will unveil secrets of the Greek colonization in the region and visit a centuries-old temple built in honor of the god of the seas, Neptune. Before entering the city, we'll live an authentic mozzarella di bufala experience. Thus, we will enter one of the most prestigious farms producing the famous mozzarella, where we will understand how the delicacy is made. To complement this, we will enjoy a tasting of special Mediterranean buffalo milk products, raised in the region. We'll finish the experience by trying a curious dish of local cuisine.

Minori culinary experience


Minori's vertical land is unique. The region where it is located is capable of providing the experience of the only lemon with a sweet rind, a spice closely linked to the beautiful history and beauty of the place. However, in this experience, we will not restrict ourselves to lemon, we will live an immersive gastronomic experience as we go through different aspects of the Italian taste. We will visit unique places that produce special and traditional culinary items on The Amalfi Coast. In addition, we will unveil local legends and stories that, added to the sensitivity that will be provided to your palate, will make you fall in love with Minori.

We start the tour discovering Minori's center and stop for an authentic Amalfitano Coffee. There, we can admire the unique panorama between the mountains, lemon trees and typical houses. Afterwards, we will stop to discover the only pastry that still produces the famous fresh Italian pasta on The Amalfi Coast. After understanding how the place works and satisfying our taste buds, we'll discover a local legend of the city's patron saint by visiting the yellow cathedral of Santa Trophimena. Later, we'll take a leisurely walk that will take us to a local agricultural company to taste homemade jams and jams with cheese, all accompanied by a wonderful Amalfi drink. Then we reach the top of the city, from where we can have a spectacular view of 5 other cities on The Amalfi Coast. There, we finish our gastronomic experience around the famous lemon trees, tasting a local lemonade accompanied by a typical local appetizer, the insalata di limoni  (lemon salad).


Cetara colatura di alici

walkin' / sea

On this tour, we will discover the small Cetara, known as the fishermen's town. This picturesque town filled with citrus orchards has a unique aura, the sea breeze here is special. No wonder that Cetara, along the entire Amalfi Coast, is considered a World Heritage Site. In addition, we will visit a tower that will take us back to the Middle Ages and experience a little-known gastronomic experience, but one of the most special in Italy, the Colatura di Alici.

We start the day boarding a comfortable ferry. We will cross the Amalfi Sea, from where we can admire the beautiful cliffs that draw the unique landscape of the place. Our goal is a hidden paradise on The Amalfi Coast, Cetara. There, we will feel the unique breeze of The Amalfi Coast with a walk on the beach. Then, we will discover the tower of the former viceroyalty of the region, used in the past to guard against pirates. Then, we will visit the city center and its secret alleys, marked by a very traditional fishing culture and its unique anchovies. We will experience the gastronomic experience of Colatura di Alice, a little widespread spice of Italian cuisine. We will understand how the technique is developed and enjoy its exquisite result along with a wine tasting. Thus, we end our experience providing unique flavors of the rare cuisine "Made in Italy" to our taste buds and board the ferry to return.

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