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How to get to The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is located in southern Italy in the Campania region. Near Naples and on the famous Pompeii side. A complete vacation package isn't it?


But how to get to this paradise? Boat, train, ferry, taxi, airport, bus? ALL! But we will specify how you will get here in a simple and stress-free way, according to your budget and preference.


The nearest airport is Naples . About 1:30 am. from the Amalfi Coast and access to the Coast can be via public bus such as SITA or private with transfers.

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Coming from Rome, Venice or Milan, one of the most famous Italian destinations, you can even couple your tour with the Amalfi Coast in a few hours on a fast and comfortable train.

Train options: Italotreno , Frecciarossa, trenitalia .

Value: values ​​vary from city to city, it is between 20 to 100 euros

Extra: Take the opportunity to buy tickets in advance, you save a lot.

The final destination is Salerno and from there you have access to the options to reach the destination of the Amalfi Coast, be it Amalfi, Positano or Ravello. The most practical option is via the Ferry, which is available between April and November. Another idea is the bus, rent a car or a transfer/taxi.


Bus lines such as Flixbus do not take you to the Amalfi Coast, but in Salerno where you can go on to the local bus.

The most efficient stop to find other buses directly is Concordia, in front of the port for easy transport to the ferry and also one block from the local bus stop.

The public bus line is the one in the Campania region called SITA. You always need to have the ticket in advance, the place to buy it is usually at TABACCHI, the ticket varies between 1.30 to 2.80, depending on the destination. Ticket price is directly linked to travel time.

TIP: You can easily view the bus schedule through google maps . Putting information of current location and preference destination.

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Transfers and Taxi

An option for those who love comfort and want to get to the Amalfi Coast quickly is transfers and taxis .

There is a difference between them, the taxi is the one you hire at the moment and they are at certain points, such as the train station, square and airport.

The transfers are usually luxury cars, which are previously hired, where the driver already knows the customer's information such as name, destination and time.

Tip: the transfer values, despite being luxury and having more convenience, are usually more economical because they are closed values, booked in advance. Contact us for a quote.

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