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Local producer 

And Locations

How about working your brand image in a paradisiacal place? Social networks are a strong means of transmitting the essence and lifestyle respected within their collections. People are passionate about images, stories and colors and the Amalfi Coast is an excellent choice for generating such rich content that is able to capture the attention of potential customers.

We can help you create the perfect setting to present your product the way it deserves. We have an extensive list of suppliers, including photographers, videographers, stylists and local hairdressers who will bring the magic of the Amalfi Coast to your Fashion Production.


Complete Advice

We will get to know your brand in depth, we will brainstorm with the team based on the information provided and, finally, we will create a complete briefing on how your campaign will take place on the Amalfi Coast.

Moodboard : Inspirations through color, touch, culture and history.

Story Board : The thrill of “vivere la coastal” with your brand.

Production : Scouting, location photographer / videomaker, hair and makeup, model / influencer, stylist.

Local Pocket Production

Photographer, influencer / model, videomaker, stylist, hair and make up stylist.

A complete production

Check out some of the productions that are part of our portfolio!

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