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The Amalfi Coast is synonymous with sunshine. Even in winter the sunny days linger.


Between April and June, the Amalfi Coast breathes the scents of wisteria, lemon flowers called Zagara, and lavender seems like a fairy tale. It is also during this period that we have the first lemon harvest of the year, so you will have the opportunity to see the loaded lemon trees up close.

During the day it is hot, if there is wind it is cool, but at night it can even give rise to frost, so bring a jacket, trousers and shoes closed. It is worth remembering that during this period we have Easter and it is a great choice to visit the coast during this period to immerse yourself in the genuine religious culture here. Remembering that from May onwards, the beaches are already welcome and the parasols are already waiting for you. Tyrrhenian sea water is icy cold, so it may be difficult to adapt at first, but soon you are already immersed.

April: 10 to 25 degrees

May: 18 to 30 degrees

June : 20 to 35 degrees


Ah, the summer! It's high season on the Amalfi Coast and it's the busiest time on the beaches and at the local parties. It is the perfect period for those who want to enjoy the sea, boat trips and enjoy movement. During this period we do not recommend coming by car, the roads are already narrow and cars end up taking over the road, whether for Italian or European holidays. The ideal here is to have a transfer, get around by ferry or bus, or rent a motorbike. Remember that at the end of the day you can change the water temperature for the wine, especially in mountain towns like Ravello and Tramonti. So pack a pashmina, a warmer blouse.

July: 22 to 35 degrees

August: 25 to 45 degrees

September. 22 to 35 degrees


The summer is over, but the parties continue! Yes, between September and October there is still a lot to celebrate here, be it the religious festivals or the local festivals. Autumn is the characteristic theme of being the Amalfi Coast, that's because people here enjoy this period more because there is not as much movement as in the summer. We are still in transition High and low season, but it is certainly a period where you can have more freedom on the streets, you can even come by car and the values ​​in accommodation are already more economical. The days are hot and the night cool, but we risk saying that it is worth taking advantage of the evening sea, the water will be warm and you will see a pink sky.

In the suitcase: A coat, short pieces like shorts are approved, a scarf, hat, closed and open shoes





  Our winter is not rigorous, but it is humid and January is the period that rains the most here. Our advice for those who love to travel at the end of the year and enjoy the Christmas weather is to come at the beginning of the month of December, so you can enjoy the Christmas events, the lights and the fireworks . Not to mention that Christmas cuisine is one of the most traditional here on the Amalfi Coast.


December: 10 to 19 degrees

January 2 - 10 degrees

February: 12 to 18 degrees

March: 14 to 20 degrees

Costa Amalfitana
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