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When traveling, it is interesting to know the commemorative dates, to avoid traffic and high season values, but also to enjoy the festive dates and the famous gastronomic festivals and religious festivals!



New Year (January 1st);
Epiphany (January 6);
Easter Monday or the pasquetta (the Monday after Easter)
Liberation Day (April 25);
Labor Day (May 1st);
Republic Day (June 2nd);
Assumption of the Virgin Mary or Ferragosto (August 15);

During this period, between August 10th and 25th, Italy goes on vacation. Schools, companies, government and other companies take collective vacations. it's the Italian summer, so here you have to be careful with reservations. In addition to being very hot, it is high season, hotel prices are high and there is mass tourism in coastal cities. So, better avoid this period if you don't like muvuca. If you like, this is the best time to enjoy the local parties!

All Saints (November 1);
Immaculate Conception (December 8);
Christmas (December 25);
Santo Stefano (December 26).

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