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About us

A reference for Brazilians on the Amalfi Coast, Priscilla has become a specialist in tourist experiences and tailor-made trips.


Graduated in International Relations, arrived in southern Italy still as a Master's student and soon created ties with a local family that worked in tourism. He learned about every detail of the Amalfi Coast and its culture, resulting in unique itineraries that explore the many faces of the place.


He has been working in tourism for over ten years. His dream was to work at the UN, but when he got to know the Amalfi Coast, he understood that he needed to tell the world the stories, culture and legends of this place. Today, it is one of the main bridges between the Brazilian public and the Italian region, offering personalized service, guided tours and tailor-made packages for each traveler.

Priscilla Santos


Quem é Priscilla


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Ivano Mammato


Chef by profession and historian by passion. Ivano Mammato was born and raised in Minori and started his academic life at an early age. He studied for three years the faculty of Patrimônio Historical at the University of Salerno. During college, he realized that his passion for gastronomy spoke louder and left college to transform the flavors of the Amalfi Coast .

Today, he is responsible for food tours and private cooking classes, as well as serving as a chef at private events.

Ivano has been working in gastronomy for over 18 years and here at A Costa Amalfitana he united his passion for cuisine and history, setting up tours where food is the protagonist.

Ivano speaks Portuguese perfectly thanks to his Latin classes at the school and his trips to Brazil. His hobby is adapting recipes and playing the guitar.

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